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Are you believing the truth about vaccines? This space on the web is a small provision to show that there are science-based facts that do not agree with what most people believe to be true. What most people believes to be true about vaccines is only that which they’ve been told, which ain’t much. It is a deeply entrenched, faith-based, false belief system and that’s a fact. An honest and unbiased inspection of what is presented here will yield an appreciated education that will amplify the desire to know the absolute truth.

Those of us being drawn to wanting the truth about vaccines  have observed that questioning vaccines, in any way, causes discomfort,  dislike, silence in most people and verbal attacks from some. We’ve learned and accepted that this  is to be expected. So…

We continue sowing seeds… in peace and we can begin  with this 20 minute video.

(Please note that whether or not you call yourself a “Christian” (See this litmus test) you may find some things on this site to be offensive. So, you are forewarned. Proceed to read on if you like, but please understand that all the content here costs you nothing, and no one is requiring you to continue or to agree.)

Learn the facts. Follow the truth.


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